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Jump Back Towards Your Fitness Goals At Gold's Gym Brooksville

However, for most consumers, the $75,000 reward offered to prevent Gold's Gym members nationwide from falling into the fitness abyss is the most interesting aspect here. The 2013 Gold's Gym Challenge reward clicking here program included $75,000 in cash prizes, as well as a Kinect Xbox 360 prize pack for every winner. The 2014 Gold's Gym Challenge is underway and even more exciting than its past years. To sign up for the seven-day free trial or other offers and avoid going over the Fitness Cliff, visit http://goldsgymbrooksville.com/ visit http://goldsgymbrooksville.com/contact-us/ for more information. About TAG Business Strategies: TAG Business Strategies has been a proven leader in online marketing and supplemental franchise marketing since 1999. TAG is max workouts a BBB rated A+ company and a certified partner of Google and major PPC engines. With innovative marketing techniques and a true sense of the evolution of marketing, TAG keeps clients a step ahead of the competition.
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